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Mini Vacations for Adults with Developmental Disabilities


Minications Travel offers quality mini weekend vacations for adults with developmental disabilities where adventure, exploration, excitement, and intimate group sizes all lend to unforgettable trips! There's a trip for everyone!

Included in our vacation packages are the following:

  • 24 / 7 Supervision by Qualified Caregivers.
  • Semi-Private Hotel Room Accommodations.
  • Most Meals and Snacks (special diets available).
  • Admission Fees to Activities and Attractions.
  • Lots of Fun and a Chance to Meet New Friends.

Trips with Minications Travel are well planned for those with special needs, with group sizes of 6 - 12 and are approximately 2 - 4 days in duration. These trips are small enough to have your wants/wishes met; as well as short enough so you have the greatest time away without missing home too much!

All trips are organized with great detail; and each individual will be empowered to choose what they want to do. Vacation destinations will be comfortable, and offer an array of options for activity or relaxation. Families and travellers will be provided with all packing instructions; trip itinerary; contact numbers and all other travel company policies and procedures before departure. Communication with families during the trip will be ongoing; with emails and phone calls.

Let’s not forget about mom and dad here! Parents/caregivers are provided with respite when one books with Minications Travel! Whether it be a weekend away or one of Julie’s awesome Slumber Parties, mom and dad get to have some time to rest and relax! Can’t remember what R & R is? Well book with us and you’ll get hooked!

Vacations with Minications Travel Inc. are EPIC!!! Come join us!

Upcoming Trips & Events

The staff at Minications Travel are highly trained with many years of experience; with an enthusiasm and energy that is absolutely contagious! Book with us and an epic trip is guaranteed! LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE PER TRIP.   REGISTER EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT.

Saturday Slumbers & Special Event Slumbers 

What do you get when you combine outings to places like pubs, hockey games, bowling, movies, restaurants, city events, special holidays events, swimming, amusement parks, and concerts with more epic activities like karaoke, dancing, movies, and slumber parties with 8 of your friends?  Bring your camping gear and you get to camp out at Saturday Slumbers at Julie’s!!!  These evenings are all inclusive of all food, entertainment, transportation and staffing.  Don’t miss out, these slumber parties have limited space.  


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